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Leeds Maternity Care

Self referral and contact us

Useful Contact Numbers

How to contact a midwife for URGENT advice

If you need to speak to a midwife urgently, please call the Maternity Assessment Centre

LGI - 0113 3926731 or St James's - 0113 2065781

For all other advice

If you have a general query about any aspect of your care please contact your named community midwife. You will be given her contact details early in your pregnancy. Please allow a few days for her to respond as not all midwives work full time and they cannot respond to you whilst they are providing care for others.

You can also access information and answers to non-urgent queries on our

@Leeds Teaching Hospital E-Midwife Facebook page

Maternity Units at Leeds General Infirmary

Patient Administration - for clinic and Nuchal scan appointments 0113 3926792 (Mon-Fri 08.00-16.00)

B Floor Ultrasound - for your 20 week scan appointment 0113 3926549 (Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00)

Growth Scan desk 0113 3928193 (Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00)

Antenatal Clinic 0113 3923704 (Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00)

Antenatal Day Unit 0113 3926588 (Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30)

Maternity Assessment Centre 0113 3926731 (24 hours)

Delivery Suite  0113 3927445 (24 hours)

Postnatal Ward 36  0113 3927436

Antenatal Ward 44  0113 3927444

Community Midwifery Office 0113 2066241 (Mon-Fri 09.00-16.30 Sat-Sun 09.00-13.00)

Maternity Units at St James's University Hospital

Antenatal Clinic
0113 2065180 (Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30)

Antenatal Day Unit
0113 2065326 (Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30)

Maternity Assessment Centre
0113 2065781 (24 hours)

Delivery Suite
0113 2069103 (24 hours)

Community Midwifery Office

0113 2066241 (Mon-Fri 09.00-16.30 Sat-Sun 09.00-13.00)

You're pregnant, what now?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. 

It’s important you contact us as soon as you know you are pregnant, to ensure you get the best possible health support, and are able to access free prescriptions, dentistry and other support so your care is personalised to your individual needs.  

Please follow the link to see what choices are available to you within Leeds and surrounding hospitals: Maternity choices within West Yorkshire and Harrogate

If you have chosen to receive your maternity care at Leeds Teaching Hospitals please create a My Pregnancy Notes account. 

Once you have verified your email address complete the 'Registration Form' to the best of your ability. 

Once you have submitted the registration form you will be contacted within 14 working days letting you know when your first midwifery appointment will be. We aim for your first midwifery appointment to be when you are around 8 weeks pregnant. You can also check on your My Pregnancy Notes account for your upcoming appointments.

If you have not heard from us within 14 working days or by the time you are 8 weeks pregnant please contact  0113 487 0690 who will be able to help.

If you are not registered at a GP Practice you can still access every service via the website or local children's centres can help women access the service.