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Lotus Home Birth Team

Lotus imageThe Lotus Home Birth team are a team of midwives that work in our Lotus Midwifery Led Unit.

The Lotus Home Birth team will also provide care for you if you are wanting to have your baby at home.

If you are considering a Home Birth or would like more information about a Home Birth or our Lotus midwifery Unit please talk to your midwife or email the Lotus Home Birth team:




Lotus team Philosophy

We want to offer a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Birth is one of the most important and life changing experiences a person and their family will experience. We believe that birth is a natural and physiological process, and we will work with you to birth your baby in a calm, safe and supportive environment. 

The Lotus Team aims to provide personalised, holistic care to people with low risk pregnancies, whether at home or in the Lotus Midwifery Unit. We strive to provide choice, creating an individualised birth plan with you to ensure you feel safe, supported and fully informed. Our wish for Lotus is that families feel welcomed, safe and listened to. 

We aim to make every birth the best it can be for the people of Leeds.

 What is Lotus About?

  • The Lotus team midwives provide low risk labour care both at home and in the hospital setting
  • The Lotus Unit is a low risk unit in LGI comprising of 3 rooms (including 2 pool rooms)
  • The focus of the unit is to try to create a “home from home” with the emphasis being on active birth in a calmer environment
  • The rooms are beautifully decorated with birth affirmations, music systems and aromatherapy diffusers
  • The unit also includes a small multi purpose ‘snug’ in which you can make refreshments, mobilise or await the final checks before going home