The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Teenage Pregnancy Team

In Leeds we offer an enhanced care pathway for women under the age of 19 when they become pregnant. The team consists of Teenage Pregnancy Midwives, Maternity Support Workers and Obstetric consultants.

We coordinate care for women and their partners, minimising the number of hospital visits and providing care as close to home as possible, providing continuity of carer antenally and postnatally.

The team offers information and emotional support specifically for teenage pregnancy.

The midwives will see you at your own home or at a venue of your choice; we also provide postnatal support at home up until six weeks after the birth.

Over the years as a team we have developed links with community groups that give support specific to Teenagers during pregnancy including Learning Mentors in schools and financial support officers. We also offer a variety of opportunities to access Parentcraft sessions.

Our Team

Natalie Walker 07796614116

#Hello my name is Natalie Walker, I qualified as a midwife in 1997 and in 1999 I became one of the teenage pregnancy midwives in Leeds. I love the role I am in now as it is challenging and rewarding and no two days are the same. The opportunity to provide individualised care to teenagers provides me with a job that I am passionate about and means I can help with the transition that teenagers go through on the journey to becoming parents.

 Vanessa Silverwood 07799893312

#Hello my name is Vanessa Silverwood, I have been a midwife since 1997. I have worked at both St James and LGI in Leeds and spent a couple of years at Calderdale. I have been working in the Teenage Pregnancy Team since 2012. I enjoy my role as it allows me to build relationships with young mums to be and support them and their loved ones through their pregnancy. The role provides continuity of carer for the teens and offers me great job satisfaction in the process. When I'm not working, I spend all my spare time fulfilling my own role as a mum with my children.

 Emma Fletcher 07786250545

#Hello my name is Emma Fletcher, I have been a midwife at Leeds Teaching Hospitals for ten years. I have worked in all areas of the hospital environment and now have a privileged position within the Teenage pregnancy team. I really enjoy being part of this team as it allows me to build long standing relationships with the girls in my care, a flexible approach to midwifery and the opportunity to provide more holistic midwifery care.

 Susan Forbes 07786250585

#Hello my name is Susan Forbes, I qualified as a nurse and worked with Oncology patients prior to completing my Midwifery Training. I mainly worked at St James University Hospital in all areas, before becoming core staff on delivery suite. I have spent the last eleven years working in the community. I have a particular interest in Teenage Pregnancy and have worked in this specialist field for the last six years. I am very passionate about the Teenage Pregnancy service in Leeds and I work hard to enable young women and their families to have a positive experience and gain the best possible health outcomes.