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Leeds Maternity Care

Teenage Pregnancy Team

In Leeds we offer an enhanced care pathway for women under the age of 19 when they become pregnant. The team consists of Teenage Pregnancy Midwives, Maternity Support Workers and Obstetric consultants.

We coordinate care for women and their partners, minimising the number of hospital visits and providing care as close to home as possible, providing continuity of carer antenally and postnatally.

The team offers information and emotional support specifically for teenage pregnancy.

The midwives will see you at your own home or at a venue of your choice; we also provide postnatal support at home up until six weeks after the birth.

Over the years as a team we have developed links with community groups that give support specific to Teenagers during pregnancy including Learning Mentors in schools and financial support officers. We also offer a variety of opportunities to access Parentcraft sessions.

Our Team

Natalie Walker 07796614116

Susan Forbes 07786250585

Gemma Miller 07786250868

Team Leader: Cate Wetton Telephone: 07880277539

Matron: Julie Holmes email: