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Leeds Maternity Care

Care after your Baby is Born

Following a hospital delivery, inpatient care is provided on the Postnatal Ward or Transitional Care Ward. Length of stay is dependent on the needs’ of mother or baby. The midwife caring for you will discuss and plan this with you.

St James's Hospital
Ward J5
Tel: 0113 2069105

Leeds General Infirmary
Ward L36
Tel: 0113 3927436

Ward L44
Tel: 0113 3927444

Visiting Times:14.00-16.00 and 18.00-20.00
Please note: children of patients are welcome to visit - no other children please.

Your partner can stay with you at all times on our postnatal wards. We ask partners to respect the following when they stay: Partners must be fully clothed at all times. We ask that they keep movement on and off the ward to a minimum. At night we ask that partners remain within the curtained area around the bed as much as possible, and respect the curtained areas around neighbouring beds. There is a designated visitor toilet which they may use, but there are no showering facilities. You and your partner should be aware that there may be circumstances in which a member of our team may need to discuss your care with you privately, or that of another woman in the room, and your partner must respect this and leave temporarily if asked to do so. The safety of all our mothers and babies is very important and therefore if your partner decides to stay with you overnight you must inform staff, and you may not swap with other relative during the night. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or displaying aggressive or abusive behaviour will be removed from the hospital. We are not able to provide food for any partners who wish to stay. We suggest you bring snacks as food sales are limited overnight. Hospital linen is for the use of mother and baby only.

Newborn babies can catch infections, and therefore we ask that anyone who has a cough, sore throat, cold or upset stomach does not visit.

From 1 January 2017 if you intend to formula feed your baby you will need to bring ready to feed first milk formula and disposable bottles/teats into hospital with you.

The Transitional Care area is for babies requiring extra care but not admission to the Neonatal Unit. Babies remain with their mothers - who are actively involved in their baby’s care – the Neonatologist visits the ward daily to assess progress and discuss any concerns.

St James's Hospital
0113 206570

Leeds General Infirmary
0113 3927436

Visiting Times: Your partner can stay with you at all times on Transitional Care - see above.
Please note: Patients children and Grandparents only 14.00-16.00 and 18.00-20.00

Going home with your baby

When mother and baby are ready to go home care is transferred to the Community Midwives who visit at home until the baby is ready to be transferred to the care of the Health Visitor.

Maternity Support Workers work as part of the maternity team, under the direction of the midwife. A Maternity Support Worker may see you at home, or in a local Children’s Centre as well as the midwife in the postnatal period, specifically to offer support in regard to infant feeding or early care of your baby. She will liaise with the Community Midwife who is leading the midwifery care.