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Blood Sciences
Reference Ranges

A list of the references ranges for the results produced for tests run in blood sciences. NOTE: Reference ranges should also be present on the report received for all requested tests.

Pathology Standards for the Labelling of Requests Policy

Guidance on what Patient and Test Information is required on a request form to enable the request to be processed. 

Declaration of Inadequately Labelled Sample(s) Form

Form giving Instruction to analyse sample(s) when the Request Form and/or the Specimen does not meet the Trust’s Mandatory Labelling requirements.
This form declares that the signatory accepts responsibility for any clinical decisions that will be made on the basis of the results and that any Clinical decisions will be taken in the knowledge that the results may not belong to the patient. 

Restrictions to Add-on Testing
(Blood Sciences)

Timescale for analyte stability within the sample (time during which the test may be added on to an existing sample) 

CSF Xanthochromia collection advice

CSF Xanthochromia is a second line test which can be useful in the diagnosis of SAH in patients with negative CT head. This guide displays which samples to take, how to label them and which departments they need sending to.

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