The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Antenatal Contacts

Antenatal Contact Details

Antenatal Results

Results and General information is obtainable from the Bloodbank at the appropriate booking hospital:

LGI: 0113 3923398

SJUH: 0113 2065559 


Antenatal Clinics

LGI: Vanessa Corrigan, 0113 3923704

SJUH: Shelley Cassere, 01132065324 


Antenatal Testing (Bloodbank LGI)

Opening Hours 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.

Laboratory Manager: Mr. Mark Davy 0113 3922406

Antenatal Head: Mrs. Fiona Robinson 0113 3923398 


Other Routine Antenatal Testing

The Haematology Laboratory (LGI) performs Full Blood Counts and Haemoglobinopathy Screens 0113 3922412

The Microbiology Laboratory (LGI) performs Syphilis, Hepatitis B & C, HIV, and Rubella tests 0113 3923499

The International Blood Grouping Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) performs ffDNA testing 0117 9217572