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Information Leaflets


NICE Transfusion Guidelines: NG24 (2015)


NICE Transfusion Guidelines (2015) promote the increase of patient and public involvement in the issue of blood transfusion.

Patient Information Leaflets


A Patient Information Leaflet should be offered to patients as soon as possible before their first transfusion or on each admission.



They are available from the Hospital Transfusion Team and are designed to provide the patient with enough information to back up the discussion they have had with a doctor about why they need a transfusion, the benefits and risks associated with transfusion and the alternatives to transfusion. 


The leaflets are to ensure a fully informed consent is gained prior to transfusion (where possible). The leaflets must not be used as a stand alone method of providing patient information.


There are several Patient Information Leaflets available on: Transfusion for adults, Transfusion for children, Irradiated blood products, Plasma transfusion for children, Babies receiving a blood transfusion - a parents guide, Iron in the diet & Antibodies during pregnancy, Patient Blood Management, Anaemia - patient information, Protecting women and babies with anti-D immunoglobulin & Information for patients with sickle cell disease who may need a blood transfusion.