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Semenology (Andrology)

This site provides information on policies, procedures and repertoire of the Histopathology Andrology Unit, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds.

The department is manned by fully trained staff, who work in accordance with WHO 2010 Examination and processing of human tissue, the ABA 2012 Laboratory Andrology Guidelines for Good Practice and ISO 15189:2012 Medical Laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence.

Opening Hours  Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00

We are located at Seacroft Hospital, Andrology Unit
Department of Cellular Pathology
Andrology Unit
Seacroft Hospital
LS14 6UH

Key Contacts

Enquiries / Appointment booking 0113 206 7110

Laboratory 0113 206 3127

Opening hours for receipt of specimens (by appointment only) Monday to Thursday 08:45 to 13:45 (excluding bank holidays)

Patients must arrange an appointment via the Enquiries / Appointments line above for production of their sample or delivery (post vasectomy samples only - see below) of their sample.

Infertilty/reversal analysis - Must be produced on-site at the time of the arranged appointment.

Post vasectomy sample - initial samples after the vasectomy procedure can be produced on-site at the Andrology unit, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, or produced off-site and brought to the department within 2 hours of production.

If sperm are seen in this initial sample then guidelines state subsequent samples must be examined within 1 hour of production in order confirm motility status of any sperm present. Consequently we advise the patient produces further samples at the Andrology Unit. If he does not wish to do this then his sample can be produced at home and delivered to the department within 30 mins of production.


Dr Selina Bhattarai                  Dr Sam Chilka                     Dr Jo-an Roulson

0113 2067547                        0113 2067563                    0113 206753

Lead Scientist

Mrs Janine Smith

0113 2063127