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Useful Information

How to request a semen analysis

1. Give the patient the following forms request form semenology.

2. Please complete the referring Doctor and surgery/clinic address for the patient

3. Depending on the analysis required please give the patient either: 

Infertility or Vasectomy reversal information for patients form infertility and reversal 

Post vasectomy semen analysis information for patients form post vasectomy

4. Explain to the patient to arrange an appointment with the Andrology unit on 0113 2067110 as explained on the information sheet.

User Information for Clinics  Information for clinicians

Instructions for the production of semen samples

Instructions for the production of semen samples can be found in the aforementioned patient information leaflets.

Patients should be advised to follow the instructions as shown in the relevant leaflet, according to the test required,

in order to optimise the semen sample they produce.

Instructions for the transportation of semen samples

Please explain to patients requiring Diagnostic Semen Analysis (Infertility or Reversal sample) that they must produce their sample at the Histopathology Andrology Unit, Seacroft Hospital.

Patients requiring Post vasectomy semen analysis can produce off-site if they wish. Please instruct your patient to deliver initial samples to the department within 2 hours of production and further samples within 30 minutes of production (in order for sperm motility status to be confirmed). Please ask patients not to expose the sample to extremes of temperature. Carrying it inside a pocket close to the body would be ideal.

Samples via post or courier will not be accepted.

Clinical Advice Regarding the Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results

If the requesting clinician requires clinical advice in interpreting the results of a semen analysis examination provided

by the Andrology Unit, the clinician is advised to contact the department on 0113 2063127 (Monday to Friday 08:45 - 17:00) and ask to speak to Janine Smith (or the senior member of staff in charge).