The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Huntington’s Disease studies

Generation-HD 1

The Generation-HD1 clinical trial is a Phase III trial of a new drug to reduce the level of mutant protein in the brain. The trial has been running in the UK since 08/2019 and Leeds Teaching Hospitals was the first site in the UK to administer a dose to patients. Recruitment for the study is complete but you can learn more here:


Enroll-HD is a worldwide observational study of HD families, and monitors people, both with and without the mutated HD gene, on a yearly basis. Enroll-HD Leeds combines the talents of our Genetics Researchers, Neurologists and local HDA chapter to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to HD research and management.

HD Clarity

HD Clarity is a new initiative that has been running in Leeds since the middle of 2017. The study aims to collect and store high quality samples of CSF (the fluid found in the brain and spinal cord) from people at various stages of HD, as well as healthy controls. The study then makes these samples available for researchers around the globe.


The HD Young Adult Study (YAS) is currently run at UCL in London, with Leeds referring eligible patients to UCL. The study aims to fined the very earliest changes in a person with HD, and involves several tests and scans, as well as optional CSF collection.