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Meet The Team

At the Yorkshire Regional Genetics Service we have a professional and experienced group of consultants and counsellors dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care.

The vast majority of our team see both general adult and paediatric cases, as well as having an interest in a specialist area. These specialist areas are detailed below.

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Consultant Clinical Geneticists

  • Professor David Bonthron (cranio-facial disorders)
  • Dr. Jennifer Campbell [Clinical Lead] (prenatal genetics/fetal genomics; paediatric and adult genetics; skeletal genetics/skeletal dysplasias)
  • Dr. Verity Hartill
  • Dr. Emma Hobson (HD and neurodegenerative)
  • Dr. Rosalyn Jewell (cancer; paediatric oncology)
  • Dr. Alison Kraus (cancer; HD and neurodegenerative)
  • Dr. Katrina Prescott (inherited cardiac conditions; inherited eye condition; paediatric genetics, dysmorphology; prenatal genetics; pre-implantation genetic diagnosis


Genetic Counsellors

  • Kathryn Ashcroft (genetic counsellor with special interest in cardiology)
  • Rachel Belk (deafness)
  • Kerry Cresswell (prenatal, HD and neurodegenerative)
  • Stephanie Hart (cancer, general, prenatal)
  • Saghira Sharif, PhD (prenatal,general)
  • Jacqueline Hodgkinson (general, cancer, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)
  • Deborah Holliday (VHL disease, general, cancer, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)
  • Hannah Musgrave (cancer)
  • Cheryl Stopford (HD and neurodegenerative, general, cancer)


GP with Specialist Interest

  • Dr. Judith Hayward (Cancer)


Nursing Team

  • Carol Irving (NF nurse)
  • Patricia Braithwaite (NF2 nurse)


Senior Management Team

  • Dr. Jennifer Campbell (Clinical Lead)
  • Roberta Ocran (Service Manager)
  • Katherine Thomas (Business Development Manager)
  • Soneel Zafar (Patient Services Co-Ordinator)
    • Dawn Marie (Business Support Manager)


Administration Team

  • Safaila Akhtar (Appointments Officer)
  • Shabnum Bi (Appointments Officer)
  • Iris Haigh (Appointments Officer)
  • Bev Owens (Appointments Officer)
  • Liz Swinney (Appointments Officer)
  • Jo Akaw (Senior Medical Secretary)
  • Julie Harrison (Senior Medical Secretary)
  • Vincent Byrne (Senior Medical Secretary)
  • Natalie Mellard (PA to the Senior Management Team)
  • Christine Brook (Clerical Officer)
  • Karolin Sagayarajan (Patient Pathway Administrator)
  • Meredith Middleton (Patient Pathway Administrator)
  • Shane Caffrey (Family History Administrator)
  • Steph O'Neill (Family History Administrator)
  • Gurdev Singh (Clerical Officer)
  • Carol Dempster  (Clerical Officer)