The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Pathology Management


Clinical Director - Dr Olorunda Rotimi

Olorunda Rrotimi clinical director

Dr Olorunda Rotimi Is a Consultant Histopathologist and also the Clinical Director for the Pathology Clinical Service Unit.  He had his basic medical education in Nigeria and did postgraduate training in Nigeria and the UK, completed Histopathology training in Glasgow. His specialist interests are in Gastrointestinal and liver Histopathology.



General Manager - Mike Philpott

Mike Philpott general manager






Head of Profession - Steve Stephenson

stephen stephenson head of professionl





The Tri Team are supported by Clinical Leads, Service Managers and Business Managers, with dedicated support from Finance, Project Management and Human Resources.

Clinical Service Leads

Blood Sciences - Dr Kevin Stuart

Cellular Pathology - Dr Arora Deep

Clinical Genetics - Dr Jen Campbell

Microbiology -  Dr Kavita Sethi

Scientific Genetics Service - Dr David Cockburn

Specialist Laboratory Medicine - Dr Carys Lippiatt 

Service Managers

Blood Sciences - Mr Conor O'Malley

Cellular Pathology - Mrs Sian Gibson

Clinical Genetics - Miss Roberta Ocran

Microbiology - Mr Ian Cocking

Scientific Genetics Service - Mrs Sian Gibson

Specialist Laboratory Medicine - Mrs Chloe Chadwick