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Posaconazole levels

Posaconazole levels


Confirmation of adequate levels in patients receiving posaconazole for treatment or prophylaxis of fungal disease.


Drug concentration in mg/L, with advice on target levels. Trough levels should be maintained above 0.7mg/L for prophylaxis and above 1.25mg/L for treatment. If levels are below this - ensure drug is taken with fatty food, consider increasing dose (max 800mg/d) or examining concomitant medications.


The uncertainty of measurement of this assay has been characterised in the following way, a positive control sample at the approximate level a similar level as the cutoff for a prophylactic level, ie 0.7mg/L , tested over 8 months yielded a mean of 1.06 mg/L and a standard deviation of 0.035, thus we estimate that 95% of all samples at this level will have a range from + or - 0.068 (1.96 x 0.035) mg/L.