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Mould Identification

Mould Identification

Culture of mould should ideally be sent on a Sabouraud's agar slope in a bijou or universal.

Sabourauds agar slope







Identification of moulds.


Identification, usually to species level on the basis of macroscopic and microscopic morphology. Molecular identification is carried out for those isolates which cannot be identified using phenotypic tests.


Culture of mould, ideally on a Sabouraud's agar slope in a bijou or universal.


Identity of the mould, usually to species level.


Susceptibility testing of mould isolates can be carried out on request.

Identification of Environmental Fungi

Identification of yeasts and moulds from envirnomental sources can be carried out after discussing your requirement with the laboratory. Please contact Dr Richard Barton  to discuss.


Culture of environmental specimens is carried out by prior arrangement and on medical or environmental health referral only. Costs are dependent on the extent and complexity of the investigations