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New Job Vacancy

Title: Interim Transformation Manager for Pathology Reception

For further information about the Vacancy please visit the NHS Jobs Web Site.



National Pathology Week

National pathology Week 2020National Pathology Week 2020 (2-8 November)

The theme for this year was ‘Pathology: at the heart of healthcare’. As part of the virtual event, Pathology Training and Development Group produced a short video about Pathology’s contribution to a patient’s healthcare journey.

Path of Life’ follows ‘Gary’, a patient with Cystic fibrosis, and explains how different areas of the CSU contribute to management of the condition. More ‘Path of Life’ videos are planned for future events.

A mini quiz was also shared online to see how much people knew about Pathology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Have a go here! Download the answers here.

Videos from the Royal College of Pathologists (including construction of an origami heart!) will be made available throughout the week and Medical and Biomedical Scientist undergraduates are invited to participate in a virtual Pub Quiz.



Microbiology Specimen Containers



Collection Cups and Urine Tubes update

 New Urine Container v2








Collection Cups and Urine Tubes.

As part of our continuous improvement programme the Microbiology department is introducing new red topped primary urine containers and collection cups for sending samples for Microscopy, Culture and Sensitivity testing (M,C&S). The change improves quality and speed of testing as the tubes can be placed directly on the urine analyser. This will be introduced in the Trust when ordering new supplies from 1.1.20. Existing 30ml containers can be used where stocks remain. The change will be rolled out to GP's later in the year.



National Pathology Week

National Pathology Week 2019

Colleagues from the Histopathology department ran two stalls for National Pathology Week,
(4th-10th November). On Wednesday, ST1s led by Clare McGenity and Itika Kumar ran a stall to raise awareness of pathology, and on Friday members of the NPIC project team ran a stall to show the Histopathology process and Digital Pathology in action. There was a great response from members of the public and members of staff, and a lot of leaflets about what happens to pathology samples and careers in pathology were taken. Yvette Oade came to visit the stall on Friday to meet the ST1s and the members of the NPIC project team. There were also blogs and tweets being sent everyday throughout National Pathology Week, including a blog from Charlotte Jennings, and some digital pathology lab top tips from Chloe Knowles and Kirsty Geldeart.


August 2019

The Prime Minister visits Pathology.

We were delighted to welcome Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the Trust. Linda Pollard, Trust Chair, and Yvette Oade, Acting Chief Executive, joined in welcoming the Prime Minister on a visit to our Pathology services, where he had the opportunity to meet staff and hear about our plans for Building the Leeds Way, including a brand new home for our Pathology services. It was announced recently that we will benefit from the additional allocation of £12m from the Department of Health to help develop a single Laboratory Information Management System across West Yorkshire and Harrogate with our partners in the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts. The Prime Minister was keen to hear about the benefits this investment will bring for both staff and patients.

Pathology staff took the Prime Minister on a tour around our Blood Science Laboratory, where he was able to talk to members of the laboratory team and learn about the great work they do, which includes processing the many thousands of blood samples we receive from across the region every day.

Blood Transfusion Service

Intelligent Blood FridgeThe Blood Transfusion service has taken delivery of the first of a series of intelligent blood fridges.
This blood fridge is located on Cardiac ICU in the Jubilee Wing. The Pathology CSU has been successful in developing a business case for the introduction of this technology across the LTHT. Working with Haemonetics, who supply the BloodTrack system, a series of these fridges will be established across the Trust. If you imagine a chocolate or drinks vending machine then this is a similar concept. Instead of choosing between a Twix or a Mars bar the fridge chooses a bag of RBC's which is the correct group of blood for the patient.
When a patient requires a blood transfusion, instead of getting blood from the Blood Bank at each site, the clinical areas will go to the nearest intelligent blood fridge with a patient request. When the request is scanned in, the fridge will interrogate the Blood Bank LIMS and allocate the patient a unit of compatible blood. The door will open and the specific draw with the compatible unit in will light up and open, all other draws remain locked.
The staff will take the blood from the draw, attach the labels that are printed by the fridge, scan the unit to make sue it’s the right unit and then proceed to transfuse the patient. The system is driven by a software module OnDemand that sits on the existing BloodTrack system. It is fully integrated with TPath and all the "decisions" taken by the system follow the same rules that are followed in the lab to ensure maximum patient safety and efficient use of the donor gift (blood).