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The POCT policy states that ONLY trained members of staff may operate POCT devices. It is a mandatory requirement to have documented training before POCT equipment can be used. This is to ensure the analysers are used properly, and the correct results are generated. Once members of staff have been trained by the appropriate parties, they will be given access to the POCT devices through the use of the barcode number present on the staff ID badge issued by the Trust. For agency members of staff, POCT staff will issue specially generated barcodes.

Training on all devices lasts for 2 years, when it must then be refreshed to ensure sustained competency. Some analysers will display a warning when logging in, when training is coming up to expiry.

PLEASE NOTE: The sharing of passwords is against Trust policy, the Data Protection Policy and the Use of Computers Policy. Every member of staff is required to undertake mandatory Information Governance (IG) training and should be aware of this. Sharing passwords breaks principle 7 of the Data Protection Act (1998), which could be interpreted as unauthorised processing. This is unlawful under section 55 of the Act. It is also an offence under the Computer Misuse Act (1990), punishable by a maximum custodial sentence of 5 years. 


The POCT team provides training on all devices. Key trainers are also available within departments for ease of access for training on most pieces of equipment. To organise training with the POCT team or determine the key trainer for your department, please contact the team using the contact details listed below.



Ext: 22338



Ext: 64791