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Biopterins / Dihydrobiopterin reductase (DHPR)

Biopterin is needed as cofactor for phenylalanine, tryptophan & tyrosine hydroxylases, and NO synthase. A deficiency in synthesis or recycling of biopterin leads to problems in the metabolic pathways of these substances. Indication for testing: patients with hyperphenylalaninaemia. Phenylalanine at the time of sampling must be > 200 umol/L in order to interpret results.

Tube Dried Blood Spot
ID Tests&Tubes0160
Additional Information Required sample type is: Dried blood spot (Guthrie) card. NB Blood cannot be spotted from an anti-coagulated tube.
Turn Around Turnaround time stated by Birmingham Children's Hospital: 15 working days.
Send to Blood Sciences LGI
(Test referred to: Birmingham Children's Hospital.)
Contact For further details please contact Leeds Pathology customer services:
Collection Con Collection Conditions:
Minimum Volume: NA. Dried blood spot (BSD) - NOT from anti-coagulated blood. Ideally collect when phenylalanine is increased.
2 x 10 mm spots for DHPR.
6 x 10 mm spots for biopterins (+ 1 extra if phenylalanine result is not provided).
Instructions to lab: store frozen prior to dispatch
Ref. Range Notes Interpretation will be provided on report.
Telepath BOPT1R & SA1R