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Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

ESR is a useful indication of the presence and intensity of an inflammatory process. It is not diagnostic of a particular disease. It rises with age and in anaemia.

Tube 03 (EB) - EDTA Blood
ID Tests&Tubes0047
Additional Information Test can only be added to samples within 24hrs of collection IF the sample has been stored at room temperature
Turn Around A&E 2 hours
Day case 4hours
In patient 24 hours
Out patients 24 hours
GP 24 hours

Send to Blood Sciences LGI
Contact For further details please contact Leeds Pathology customer services:
Collection Con A single paediatric tube does NOT contain sufficient blood for this test
Please sent 2 correctly filled 1.3ml Greiner
purple top paediatric tubes for childred
One correctly filled EDTA adult tube

Instructions for lab staff standard lab processing no special requirments

Sample REQ Blood
Ref. Range Notes Blood Sciences Refernce ranges available through the useful information and links page:
Units mm/h
IP Acute TAT 2 hours
IP Routine TAT 4 hours
Telepath ESRL