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Magnesium (urine)

Magnesium (urine)

Urinary magnesium excretion should be interpreted in concert with serum concentrations. In the presence of hypomagnesemia, a 24-hour urine magnesium >24 mg/day or fractional excretion >0.5% suggests renal magnesium wasting. Lower values suggest inadequate magnesium intake and/or gastrointestinal losses

Tube 08 (UR) - Urine 24 Hr
ID Tests&Tubes0081
Turn Around A&E: N/A
Day Case: 24 Hours
In-Patient: 24 Hours
Out-Patient: 24 Hours
GP: 24 Hours
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Collection Con Accurately timed 24 hr collection.

Instructions for Lab Staff: Standard lab processing- No special requirements

Sample REQ Urine
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Units mmol/24h
Telepath MGU1L