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Cortisol (urine)

First line test for diagnosis of Cushings. Should be used in conjunction with the overnight (1mg) dexamethasone suppression test.

Tube 24h Plain Urine
ID 12627
Availability Weekly
Additional Information Urine cortisol is not useful for monitoring steroid replacement or diagnosing hypoadrenalism.
Turn Around 14 days
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Contact 1132067043
Advice 01132064717,
Collection Con Accurately timed collection
Sample REQ Urine
Ref. Range (Male) 10-147
Ref. Range (Female) 10-147
Ref. Range (Paed) In-house age related ranges not available (published literature and patient data used to derive ranges for children and teenagers)
Ref. Range Notes Random (<24h ) ranges not available
Units nmol/24h
IP Routine TAT 14 days
GP Acute TAT 14 days
GP Routine TAT 14 days
Telepath CORU2J