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Adenovirus PCR

PCR assay to detect adenovirus DNA. This virus can cause a number of infections including respiratory infection, conjunctivits and diarrhoea. Part of multiplex testing for respiratory infection and extended viral gastroenteritis panel. Quantitative levels in blood from patients on immunosuppressive therapy or with clinical sign of infection. Rises can be used to direct pre-emptive therapy and monitor treatment response as well as excluding infection. Samples are tested as part of multiplex with CMV and EBV or Herpes and Varicella zoster dependent on the clinical details.

Tube Dependent on sample type
ID 3634
Availability Mon-Sat.Samples for same day testing must arrive before 9.30am
Additional Information Eye swabs - conjunctivitis
EDTA samples - quantitative levels or systemic disease
CSF -meningoencephalitis
NPA, nose and throat sample - Pneumonia, pharyngitis
Faeces - gastroenteritis patients <5 or immunocompromised
Turn Around 3 days
Send to LGI Microbiology Department
Collection Con If delays occur refrigerate at 2-8 degrees C.
IP Routine TAT 3 days
GP Routine TAT 3 days