The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Specialist Rehabilitation Centre stars in new patient-focused DVD

8 January 2014

The Leeds Specialist Rehabilitation Centre, which provides help and support for limbless patients and disabled patients of all ages from Leeds and across Yorkshire, has produced a DVD for current and future users of its wide range of services.

It consists of a film of just over 17 minutes, which is also available in eight “bite size” episodes covering a general introduction and information on aspects of the service the team provides. These include prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, psychology, upper limb/ occupational therapy as well as physiotherapy.

Based at Seacroft Hospital and with a history going back to the aftermath of the First World War, the multi-award-winning Leeds team today uses some the most up-to-date technology available including high-tech prosthetic limbs and sports blades. Care is centred around providing the best solution for the individual and ongoing support to meet the needs of a diverse group of users of all ages.

Nancy Rhodes, Head of Specialist Rehabilitation Services for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said: “Following the success of an earlier DVD made to help new wheelchair users, we decided to produce a set of informative and educational short clips to educate and inform potential new patients of the services we can offer at Seacroft.

“We hope the DVD will also help patients who are considering moving from other centres make an informed choice as well as showcasing the holistic approach offered by the centre.

“There is also a short clip showing the patient support group during one of their regular meetings. The Amputee and Wheelchair User group welcome new members and offer support and advice to any patient.

“We have worked with our patient user group to ensure the information is presented in a friendly, easy-to-follow format and by filming different parts of the work of the team we can show people what to expect when they attend at their appointment, and they can see some of the staff members who will be helping them.

 “Losing a limb or being confined to a wheelchair is a very traumatic and life changing experience, and understandably new patients are anxious and unsure what to expect. Seacroft Hospital offers patients help and support and aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for every patient every help a patient rehabilitate back to the best possible outcome.

“Feedback so far from those who have seen the DVD has been very good. We run a muted subtitled version in our waiting rooms which patients also seem to approve.”

The close links between the Leeds team and the armed forces at Catterick – Europe’s largest military garrison - continue and a copy of the full DVD has been sent to the Ministry of Defence as an aid to the veterans who will eventually need to attend an NHS centre.

The DVD is also available in its entirety on You Tube by searching under Leeds Specialist Rehabilitation Centre: and individual episodes can also be viewed there.