Finding a Consultant

This section contains an alphabetical list of our consultants and their areas of specialist expertise and allows you to click on their profile to find out a bit more about them.

If you are an NHS patient and you are looking to be referred to one of our consultants you will need to talk to your GP who can make a referral based on their assessment of your clinical need.

The NHS has begun the staged publication of mortality rates for individual hospital consultants, further details are available in the publication of consultant treatment outcomes.


Afroze Abbas

Saif-El-Dean Tawfik Abdel-Rahman

Raj Achuthan (Breast Services)

John Adams (Anaesthetics)

Lucy Adams

Joseph Aderinto (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Julian Adlard (Clinical Genetics)

Niaz Ahmad (Gastro-intestinal Surgery, HPB and Transplant Services)

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ramzi Ajjan (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Hiroko Akagi (Liaison Psychiatry, Chronic Fatigue Service)

Amer Al-Douri (HPB and Transplant Services)

Raneem Albazaz

Mark Aldersley (HPB and Transplant Services)

Naved Alizai (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Gastroenterology, Childrens Hospital)

Jane Alty (Maternity leave)

Sabah Alvi (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Endocrinology)

Carol Amery (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Jacqueline Andrews (Rheumatology)

Carole Ann Angel (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Alan Anthoney (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Amaia Arana (Anaesthetics)

Mohit Arora

Binu Arthur

Morag Arundel

Magdy Attia (HPB and Transplant Services)

Virginia Aylett (Elderly Services)


Oliver Backhouse (Ophthalmology)

Wazir Baig (Cardiology)

Richard Baker (Renal Services (Adult))

Richard P Baker (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

S Balaji (Anaesthetics)

Adam Balen (Reproductive Medicine, Gynaecology Services)

James L. Ball (Ophthalmology)

George Ballard (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Cardiology)

John Bamford (Neurology)

Santosh Bangar

Ganesan Baranidharan (Pain Management, Anaesthetics)

Lisa Barker (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Dominic Barron (Radiology)

Julian H Barth (Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrinology)

Shuba Barwick (Childrens Cardiology, Childrens Hospital)

Claire Bates

Paul Beirne (Respiratory Medicine)

M D Dominic Bell (Anaesthetics)

Mark Bellamy (Anaesthetics)

Jill Bem (Anaesthetics)

Chris Bennett (Clinical Genetics)

David Berridge

Andrew Berrill (Anaesthetics)

Stephanie Bew (Anaesthetics)

Shashwat Bhakta (Dental)

Bobby Bhartia (Radiology)

Nandlal Bhatia

Selina Bhattarai (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Sarah Bingham (Rheumatology)

Fiona Bishop (Ophthalmology)

Richard Bishop (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Mike E Blackburn (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Cardiology)

Louise Blackburn (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Respiratory Medicine, Childrens Medicine)

Daniel Blackman (Cardiology)

Jonathan Blaxill (Cardiology)

Alison Bliss (Anaesthetics)

Moira Blyth (Clinical Genetics)

Peter Bobak (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Jonathan Bodansky (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Andrew Bodenham (Anaesthetics)

David Bonthron (Clinical Genetics)

Andrew Boon (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Ian David Botterill (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

David Bottomley (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Grainne Bourke

David Bowen (Clinical Haematology)

Mark Bradley (Elderly Services)

Kate Bradshaw

Jonathan Branfoot (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Andrew Breen (Anaesthetics)

Andrew Breeze

Joshua Bridgens (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Simon Britten (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Tim Broadhead (Gynaecology Services)

Alistair Brooks (Anaesthetics)

Robert William Brown (Anaesthetics)

Josie Brown (Anaesthetics)

Elspeth Brown (Childrens Cardiology, Childrens Hospital)

Keith Brownlee (Childrens Respiratory Medicine, Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine, Cystic Fibrosis (Adults & Children))

Alex Brunelli

Paul Brunton (Dental)

Rosemary Bryan (Dental)

Maya Buch (Rheumatology)

John Buchan

Simon Burbidge

Dermot Burke (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Eileen Burns (Elderly Services)

Catherine Burton (Clinical Haematology)

Dudley J Bush (Anaesthetics, Pain Management)

Stephen Bush (Emergency Medicine)


Carla Cadiz-Aravena

Alison Cairns (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Lawrence D Caldicott (Anaesthetics)

Matthew Callister (Respiratory Medicine)

James Campbell (Gynaecology Services, Maternity Services)

Fiona Campbell (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine, Childrens Diabetes)

Doug A Campbell (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Ian Cannings

Joanna/Kate Cardale

Brendan M Carey (Radiology)

Catherine Cargo (Clinical Haematology)

Fiona Carmichael (Dental, Radiology)

Zia Carrim

Neil Carswell (Anaesthetics)

Lachlan Carter (Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Jon Cartledge (Urology)

Natalia Casanova

Andy Cassels-Brown (Ophthalmology)

Aruna Chakrabarty (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Martin Chan (Dental)

Bernard Chang (Ophthalmology)

Nilanjan Chaudhuri (Thoracic Surgery)

Philip Chetcuti (Neonatal Medicine, Childrens Respiratory Medicine, Childrens Medicine, Childrens Hospital)

Anne - Marie Childs (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Neurology, Child Development)

Sam Chilka (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Hlupekile Chipeta

Fahmid U. Chowdhury (Radiology)

Paul Chumas (Neurosurgery)

Etienne Ciantar (Maternity Services)

Lee Claridge (HPB and Transplant Services)

Sheila Clark (Childrens Hospital, Dermatology)

Matthew Clark (Anaesthetics)

Jan Clarke (Genito-urinary Medicine)

Elizabeth Clarke (Anaesthetics)

Katy Clarke (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Denise Clerehugh (Dental)

Ian Clifton (Respiratory Medicine)

Andrew T Cohen (Anaesthetics)

Timothy Collyns (Microbiology)

Philip Conaghan (Rheumatology)

Stefano Congiu

Gordon Cook (Clinical Haematology)

Rachel Cooper (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Jon Cooper (Elderly Services)

Sian Cooper (Childrens Hospital)

David Crabbe (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Alison Cracknell (Elderly Services)

Helen Craddock (Dental)

Ian Craven

Adrian Crellin (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Michael H Cross (Anaesthetics)

William Cross (Urology)

Robert H Cruickshank (Anaesthetics)

Catherine Cullinane (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Paul Curley

Peter Cutting (Emergency Medicine)


Sai Daayana

Sai Daayana

Tim Dabbs (Ophthalmology)

Barbara JG Dall (Radiology)

Michael J Darby (Radiology)

Jonathan Darling (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine)

Mark Darowski (Anaesthetics, Childrens Hospital)

Rosemary Darwood

Anindya Dasgupta

Shouvik Dass (Rheumatology)

Sarah Davey (Emergency Medicine)

Les Davidson (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Mervyn H Davies (HPB and Transplant Services)

Andrew Davies (Emergency Medicine)

Sarah Davies (Anaesthetics)

Gillian Davies (Anaesthetics)

Bryn Davies

Suzanne M Davison (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Gastroenterology)

Chris Day (Anaesthetics)

Peter Day

Stephen G Dean (Anaesthetics)

Kenan Deniz

Miles Denton (Microbiology, Infection Prevention and Control)

Christopher Derham

Matt Devall

Kanch Devinuwara

Donald Dewar

Simon Dexter (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Harmeet Dhaliwal (Dental)

Catherine Dickinson (Cardiology)

Peter Dickinson

Jayne Dillon

Doytchin Dimov (Respiratory Medicine)

Angus Dobbie (Clinical Genetics)

David Dodwell (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Clare Donnellan (Gastroenterology)

Assaf Doulah (Childrens Hospital)

Alice Downes (Emergency Medicine)

Martin R Dresner (Anaesthetics)

Natalie Drury

Nigel Dudley (Elderly Services)

Sean Duffy (Gynaecology Services)

M Duggal (Dental)

Bruce Duncan (Anaesthetics)

Richard J Dunham (Radiology)

Edward Dunn (Neurology)

Emma Dunn (Renal Services (Adult))

Iain Dunn (Anaesthetics)

Robert Dunsmuir (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Kathryn Durey

David J.R. Duthie (Anaesthetics)

Karen Dyker (Non-Surgical Oncology)


Ian Eardley (Urology)

Sara Edward (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Annette Edwards (Palliative Care)

Mark Elliott (Respiratory Medicine)

Martin Elliott (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

Mark Emerton (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Paul Emery (Rheumatology)

Ruth England (Radiology)

Sharon English (Childrens Hospital, Neonatal Medicine)

Kate English (Cardiology)

Amy Evans (Genito-urinary Medicine)

Betsy Evans

Simon Everett (Gastroenterology)

Lorna Eyre


Gillon Fabbroni (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

John E Fairfield (Anaesthetics)

Alistair D Fale (Anaesthetics)

Robert Farnell (Orthopaedic Trauma)

S Fayle (Dental)

Chris Fenn

Eduardo Fernandez-Moya

Eric Finlay (Childrens Nephrology, Childrens Hospital)

Maggie M Fitzpatrick (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Nephrology)

Abigail Flinders

Simon Flood

Karen Flood

Georgina Fonfe (Childrens Hospital)

Helen Ford (Neurology)

Alex Ford (Gastroenterology)

Kirsty Forrest (Anaesthetics)

Christopher Fosker

Nicholas Foster (Microbiology)

Patrick Foster

Gillian Fox

Suzanne Francis (Emergency Medicine)

Kevin Franks (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Jonathan M Freeman (Anaesthetics)

Nicholas Freeman

Jane Freeston (Rheumatology)

Richard Fuller (Elderly Services)


Peter Galloway (Ophthalmology)

Fiona MC Gamlin (Anaesthetics)

Elizabeth Garthwaite (Renal Services (Adult))

Neti Gayatri (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Neurology)

BA Gbolade (Gynaecology Services)

Georgina Gerrard (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Moji Gesinde

Dipansu Ghosh

Peter Giannoudis (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Stephen Gilbey (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Bryan Gill (Childrens Hospital, Neonatal Medicine)

Steven Gill (Anaesthetics)

Vanessa Gill (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Maria Gilleece (Clinical Haematology)

Di Gilson (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Tracey Glanville (Maternity Services)

Adam Glaser (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

Anthony Goddard

John Goodden (Neurosurgery, Childrens Neurosurgery)

Mark Goodfield (Dermatology)

Heather J Gorton (Anaesthetics)

Kevin Goss (Childrens Hospital, Neonatal Medicine)

Victoria Goulden (Dermatology)

Peter Goulding (Neurology)

Alan Gowans (Dental)

Lee Graham (Cardiology)

Andrew Grainger (Radiology)

Peter J Grant (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

John Greenwood (Cardiology)

Nick Griffin

Martin Griffiths-Jones (Gynaecology Services)

Nigel Gummerson (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Harun Gupta (Radiology)

Pawan Gupta (Anaesthetics)

Velupandian Guruswamy (Anaesthetics)

Ashley Guthrie (Radiology)

Diana Lynn Gutteridge (Dental)

Emma Guy


Roger Hackney (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Isobel Haigh (Radiology)

Antony Hale (Virology)

Geoff Hall (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Alistair S Hall (Cardiology)

Tiffany Halsey (Anaesthetics)

Wayne Hamer (Emergency Medicine)

Peter John Hamlin (Gastroenterology)

Christopher Hammond (Radiology)

Andrew Hanby (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Julian Hance

Dominic Hares (Childrens Cardiology, Childrens Hospital)

Patricia Harnden (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Keith Harris (Radiology)

Nick Harris (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Neil Harris (Urology)

Elinor A Harrison (Anaesthetics)

Cath Harrison (Neonatal Medicine, Childrens Hospital)

Paul Harwood (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Taj Hassan (Emergency Medicine)

Ahamad Hassan (Neurology)

Paul Hatfield (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Jeremy Hayden (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Catherine Hayden (Gynaecology Services, Reproductive Medicine)

Tim Haywood (Anaesthetics, Childrens Hospital)

Mark Heatley (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Ann Henry (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Joanna Herman

Catherine Hernon

Peter Herring (Anaesthetics)

Fiona Hicks (Palliative Care)

Ernest Hidalgo (HPB and Transplant Services)

Alec High (Dental, Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Lorna Highet (Community Childrens)

Quentin Hill (Clinical Haematology)

Anita Hill (Clinical Haematology, Haematology (specialist))

Peter Hillmen (Clinical Haematology)

Emma Hobson (Clinical Genetics)

Donald Hodge (Childrens Medicine, Childrens Hospital, Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

Trevor Hodge (Dental)

Jennifer Hodge (Anaesthetics)

Andrew James Hogarth

Colin Holton

Rachel Homer

Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam

Kieran Horgan (Breast Services)

Lishel Horn (Clinical Haematology)

Christian Hosker (Liaison Psychiatry)

Lutz Hostert (HPB and Transplant Services)

Jane V Howard (Anaesthetics)

Simon J Howell (Anaesthetics)

Mark Hull (Gastroenterology)

Adam Hurlow (Palliative Care)

Walayat Hussain (Dermatology)

Richard Hutson (Gynaecology Services)

Rachel Hyland (Radiology)


Craig Irvine

Azzam Ismail (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Sadia Ismail


Osama Jaber

Andrew Jack (Clinical Haematology)

David Jackson (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Philip Jackson (Anaesthetics)

Hooman Jafari

Satinder Jagdev (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Sunjay Jain (Urology)

Beki James (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

Stuart Jamieson (Neurology)

Pieternel Janzen (Anaesthetics)

Kalyana Javangula (Cardiac Surgery)

David Jayne (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Annmarie Jeanes (Radiology)

Jason Jennings (Gastroenterology)

Graham Johnson (Emergency Medicine)

Rod Johnson (Clinical Haematology)

Duncan Johnson (Anaesthetics)

Kathryn Johnson (Neonatal Medicine, Childrens Hospital)

Rachel Johnson

Sharon Johnston (Anaesthetics)

Annette Johnstone

John IL Jones (Anaesthetics)

Jonathan Jones (Emergency Medicine)

Rebecca Jones (HPB and Transplant Services)

William Jones (Anaesthetics)

Agam Jung (Neurology)


George Kalantzis (Ophthalmology)

Charlotte Kallmeyer (Clinical Haematology)

Nikolaos Kanakaris (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Harish Kapoor

Marina Karakantza

Sivaramakrishnan Venkatesh Karthik (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Gastroenterology)

Shishir Karthik (Radiology)

Sarah Kaufmann (Gynaecology Services)

Pankaj Kaul (Cardiac Surgery)

Simon Kay

Oliver Kayes

Mark T Kearney (Cardiology)

Emmanuel Kefaloyannis

Gerard Kelly (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Richard Kelly (Clinical Haematology)

Joanna Louise Kelly

Patrick Kent

David Kessel (Radiology)

Almas Khan (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Orthopaedic Trauma)

Saman Khan

Peter Kimpson (Anaesthetics)

Michael Kimuli

Sally Kinsey (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Oncology and Haematology, Clinical Haematology)

Suzanne Kite (Palliative Care)

Hans Klein (Anaesthetics)

Simon Knight

Lindsey C Knight (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Daisy Koh (Maternity Services)

Sanjeev Kotwal

Alwyn Kotze (Anaesthetics)

Jeannette Kraft (Radiology)

Alison Kraus (Clinical Genetics)

Sri Kumar (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Michelle Kwok- Williams (Non-Surgical Oncology)


Hannah Lambie

Christine Landon (Gynaecology Services)

Sally Lane (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Alison Lansbury (Anaesthetics)

Mark Lansdown (Breast Services)

Matthew Law

Philip Laws

Sarah Lee (Community Childrens, Childrens Hospital)

Tim Lee (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Respiratory Medicine, Childrens Medicine, Cystic Fibrosis (Adults & Children))

Valentina Leone

Andrew Lewington (Renal Services (Adult))

Penelope Lewthwaite (Infection and Travel Medicine)

Mark Liddington

Oliver Lily (Neurology)

Sameer Limaye (Elderly Services)

David L Limb (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Andrew Lindley (Anaesthetics)

J Livingston (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Neurology)

Sarah Lloyd (Anaesthetics)

Peter Lodge (Gastro-intestinal Surgery, HPB and Transplant Services)

Rajib Lodh

Joanna London (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Vernon Long (Ophthalmology)

Sharmeen Lotia (Anaesthetics)

Carmel Loughrey (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Andrew B Lumb (Anaesthetics)

Joanne Lumsden

Friedy Luther (Dental)

Louise Lynch (Pain Management)


David MacDonald (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Sarah Mackie

Ken Maclennan (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Jeremy Macmullen-Price

Christian Macutkiewicz

Melissa Maguire (Neurology)

Nalini Malarkkan (Anaesthetics)

Christopher Malkin (Cardiology)

Abhiram Mallick (Anaesthetics)

Christopher James Mannion

Sundara Manou

Michael Mansfield (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Dilani Manuel (Radiology)

Maria Marples (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Fiona Marsh

Helena Marzo-Ortega (Rheumatology)

Sushil Maslekar

Stuart Matthews

Andrew Mavor

Patricia McClean (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Gastroenterology)

Helen McCullagh

Eoin McDonnell (Anaesthetics)

John McElwaine (Anaesthetics)

Hugh McGann (Infection and Travel Medicine)

Joe McGoldrick (Cardiac Surgery)

Dennis McGonagle (Rheumatology)

Pat McHugh (Anaesthetics)

Liz McKechnie (Neonatal Medicine, Childrens Hospital)

Shireen McKenzie (Breast Services)

Martin McKibbin (Ophthalmology)

Justin McKinlay (Anaesthetics)

Jim McLenachan (Cardiology)

Hamish McLure (Anaesthetics)

Simon McPherson (Radiology)

Samir Mehta (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Kumar Mekala (Anaesthetics)

Joe Mellor (Anaesthetics)

Pamela Mellors

Mitchel Menage (Ophthalmology)

Rashmi Menon

Mini Menon

Will Merchant (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Lawrence Miall (Childrens Hospital, Neonatal Medicine)

Alan Mighell (Dental)

Stanley Miller (Respiratory Medicine)

Rebecca Millican-Slater (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Peter Millner (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Ros J Mills (Anaesthetics)

Richard Milton (Thoracic Surgery)

Jane Minton (Infection and Travel Medicine)

Angana Mitra (Dermatology)

Bataung Mokete (Ophthalmology)

Helen Mollard (Emergency Medicine)

Ray Monkhouse (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Sarah Monte (Anaesthetics)

Eric Monteiro (Genito-urinary Medicine)

Andrew Mooney (Renal Services (Adult))

James Moor

Peter Morgan (Anaesthetics)

Ann W Morgan (Rheumatology)

Matthew Morrall

Andrew Morrell (Ophthalmology)

David Morris (Dental)

Leean Morrow (Dental)

Clive Mulatero (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Jamila Mulla

Talha Munir

Chris Munsch (Cardiac Surgery)

Stuart D Murdoch (Anaesthetics)

Paul G Murphy (Anaesthetics)

Justin Murphy

Robert Murray (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Brenda Murray (Dental, Radiology)

Hannah-Ellen Murray

Talat Mushtaq (Childrens Endocrinology, Childrens Hospital)


Mukarram Naim

Azad Najmaldin (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Brian Nattress (Dental)

Simon Newell (Childrens Hospital, Neonatal Medicine)

Chas Newstead (Renal Services (Adult))

Julia Newton-Bishop (Dermatology)

Paul Nix (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Peter Nixon (Dental)

David Nugent (Gynaecology Services)

Stuart Nuttall (Emergency Medicine)


Philip O'Connor (Radiology)

Rory O'Connor (Rehabilitation Medicine)

Gerry O'Hare (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine)

Moira O'Meara (Anaesthetics)

Damian O'Neill (Ophthalmology)

David O'Regan (Cardiac Surgery)

Sean O'Riordan (Childrens Medicine, Childrens Hospital)

Dipesh Odedra (Anaesthetics)

James Oliver

TK Ong (Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

John Oram (Anaesthetics)

Steve Orme (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Jane Orton (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Sally Osborn (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Roger Owen (Haematology (routine), Pathology)


Stephen Page

Debasish Pal (Neurosurgery)

Tim Palfreman

Kostas Papagiannopoulos (Thoracic Surgery)

Elankumaran Paramasivam (Respiratory Medicine)

Steven Parke

Tufail Patankar (Radiology)

Jai V Patel (Radiology)

Chirag Patel (Radiology)

Alan Paul (Urology)

Howard Peach

Colin Pease (Rheumatology)

Daniel Peckham (Respiratory Medicine, Cystic Fibrosis (Adults & Children))

Jonathan Pedlar (Dental)

Neil Penn (Elderly Services)

Catherine Penrose (Childrens Hospital)

Chris Pepper (Cardiology)

Jean Perfettini (Anaesthetics)

Timothy Perren (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Mark Philipson

Nick Phillips (Neurosurgery)

Robert (Bob) Phillips

Susan Picton (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

Jo Pierce

Amanda Jane Pinder (Anaesthetics)

Alison J Pittard (Anaesthetics)

Sven Plein (Cardiology)

Stephen G Pollard (Gastro-intestinal Surgery, HPB and Transplant Services)

Jain Pooja

Mark Powis (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Raj Prasad (Gastro-intestinal Surgery, HPB and Transplant Services)

Padmini Prasad (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Stephen Prescott (Urology)

Katrina Prescott (Clinical Genetics)

Robin Prestwich (Non-Surgical Oncology)

David Protheroe (Liaison Psychiatry)

Sumir Punnoose

John Puntis (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine, Childrens Gastroenterology)

Sapna Puppala (Radiology)

Karen Pysden (Childrens Neurology)


Audrey C Quinn (Anaesthetics)

Philip Quirk (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)


Ganesh Radhakrishna (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Helen Rafferty

Rajib Rahim

Syed Rahman

Fatemah Rajah

Sabrina Rajan (Radiology)

Sanjay Rajwal (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Gastroenterology)

Christy Ralph

Radhika Ramnath (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

William H Ramsden (Radiology)

Marc Randall

James Rankine (Radiology)

Abhay Rao (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Krishna_Prasad Rao

Medha Rathod (Maternity Services)

Komal Ray

Bjorn Rembacken (Gastroenterology)

Bhavani Rengabashyam (Radiology)

Kevin Reynard (Emergency Medicine)

Greg Reynolds (Cardiology)

Mike Richards (Childrens Hospital, Clinical Haematology, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

Iain Rider (Liaison Psychiatry)

Benjamin Rippin

Trudie E Roberts (Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

Fiona Roberts (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Philip Robinson (Radiology)

Jonathan Robson

Ros Roden (Emergency Medicine)

Kirsteen Rodger

Lynne Rogerson (Gynaecology Services)

John Roper (Childrens Hospital, Community Childrens)

Rebecca Rose (Dermatology)

Kate Rosenberg (Elderly Services)

Stuart Ross (Neurosurgery)

Olorunda Rotimi (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Emma Rowbotham

Ruby Roy (Acute Medicine, Elderly Services)

John Russell (Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

David Russell

Lynne Russon (Palliative Care)

Anthony Rutherford (Reproductive Medicine, Gynaecology Services)


Peter M Sagar (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Anita Sainsbury

Haidar Samiei (Emergency Medicine)

Geoffrey Sandle (Gastroenterology)

Jonathan Sandoe (Microbiology)

Rajesh Sannappareddy

Latifu Sanni

Rob Sapsford (Cardiology)

Abeezar Sarela (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Rick Saunders (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Sinisa Savic (Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

Louise Savic

Andrew Scarsbrook (Radiology)

Dominik Schlosshan

Beate Schmelzle-Lubiecki (Anaesthetics)

Sarah Schoeman (Genito-urinary Medicine)

Brian W Scott (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Julian Scott

Eleanor Scott (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Nigel Scott (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Arnab Seal (Childrens Hospital, Community Childrens, Child Development)

David Sebag-Montefiore (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Peter Selby (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Christian Selinger

Jane Sellors (Anaesthetics)

Pete Semple (Anaesthetics)

Mehmet Sen (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Kavita Sethi (Microbiology)

Matthew Seymour (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Morag Seywright

Mahesh Shah (Anaesthetics)

Venugopal Shankar

Tony Shannon (Emergency Medicine)

Vinay Sharma (Reproductive Medicine, Gynaecology Services)

Nisha Sharma (Radiology, Breast Services)

John Shaw (Anaesthetics)

Rob Sheehan-Dare (Dermatology)

Maria B Sheridan (Radiology)

Eamonn Sheridan (Clinical Genetics)

Jayne Shillito (Maternity Services)

Hannah Shore (Neonatal Medicine)

Susan Short

Emma Sidebotham

Jyoti Sidhu (Acute Medicine)

Ian Simmons (Ophthalmology)

Karen Hilary Simpson (Pain Management)

Nigel Simpson (Gynaecology Services, Maternity Services)

Matthew Simpson

Julie Simpson

Gnanamurthy SivaKumar

Indu Sivanandan (Anaesthetics)

Mohan Sivananthan (Cardiology)

Helen Slater

Graeme Smith (Clinical Haematology)

Stuart N Smith (Anaesthetics)

Andrew Smith (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Jonathan Smith (Radiology)

Audrey Smith (Clinical Genetics)

Christopher Smith (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine)

Ian Smith

Matthew Smith

Alistair Smyth (Cleft Lip and Palate Service)

Michael Snee (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Niki J Snook (Anaesthetics)

Sabine Sommer (Dermatology)

Sonal Sonwalkar (Anaesthetics)

Colette Sparey (Maternity Services)

A Speirs (Dental)

Amanda Spencer (Anaesthetics)

Roly Squire (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Graeme Stables (Dermatology)

Jens Stahlschmidt (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Daniel Stark (Non-Surgical Oncology, Childrens Oncology and Haematology)

John Steele

Martin H Stone (Orthopaedic Trauma)

James Storey (Acute Medicine)

John Straiton (Radiology)

Ramnath Subramaniam (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Venkataraman Subramanian (Gastroenterology)

Henry Sue-Ling (Gastro-intestinal Surgery)

Ian Sugarman (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Gastroenterology, Childrens Hospital)

Jonathan Sutcliffe (Childrens Surgery/Urology, Childrens Hospital)

Tim Sutherland

Graham Sutton (Elderly Services)

Sarah E Swift (Radiology)

Daniel Swinson (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Sophie Swinson (Radiology)


Phaedra Tachtatzis

Nasim Tahir (Radiology)

Ai Lyn Tan (Rheumatology)

Catherine Tandy (Elderly Services)

Jackie Tay (Gynaecology Services, Maternity Services)

Muzahir Tayebjee (Cardiology)

Gayle Taylor

Nazzar Tellisi (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Gabor Ther

Ragbir S Thethy (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Medicine)

Tharani Thirugnana-Chandran

Amanda Thomas (Community Childrens, Childrens Hospital)

Emma Thomas (Non-Surgical Oncology)

David Thompson (Elderly Services)

JDR Thomson (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Cardiology, Cardiology)

Jennifer Thomson (Clinical Genetics)

Simon Thomson (Neurosurgery)

Jonathan Thornley

Daniel Thornton

Jake Timothy (Neurosurgery)

Damian Tolan (Radiology)

Giles J Toogood (Gastro-intestinal Surgery, HPB and Transplant Services)

Reuben Tooze (Clinical Haematology, Haematology (specialist))

Katrina Isabella Topp (Elderly Services)

Theodoros Tosounidis

Laszlo Toth

J Toumba (Dental)

Gerry Towns (Neurosurgery)

Darren Treanor (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Max Troxler

Robert Turner (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Nicola Turner (Elderly Services)

Kerry Turner

Philip Turton (Breast Services)

Christopher Twelves

Atul Tyagi (Neurosurgery)

Kay Tyerman (Childrens Hospital, Childrens Nephrology)



Gayatri Vadlamani

Carin Van Doorn

Marelize Van Greunen (Anaesthetics)

Abraham Varghese

Naveen Vasudev

Anurag Vats

Galina Velikova (Non-Surgical Oncology)

Ram Venkatesh (Orthopaedic Trauma)

Sanjay Verma (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Mikael Viberg


Tze Min Wah (Radiology)

Richard Wakefield (Rheumatology)

James Walker (Maternity Services, Gynaecology Services)

Owen Wall

Peter Wanklyn (Elderly Services)

Emma G Ward (Diabetes & Endocrinology)

Paul Warman (Anaesthetics)

Daniel Warren (Radiology)

Elisa Warren (Anaesthetics)

Elizabeth J Watkins (Anaesthetics)

John Watson (Respiratory Medicine)

Kevin Watterson (Cardiac Surgery)

Andrew Webster (Emergency Medicine)

Matthew Welberry Smith

Michael J Weston (Radiology)

Stephen Wheatcroft (Cardiology)

Paul Whitaker

Brian White (Anaesthetics)

Simon M Whiteley (Anaesthetics)

George Whitwell

Mark Wigginton (Anaesthetics)

Mark Wilcox (Microbiology, Pathology)

Simone Wilkins

S Mark Wilkinson (Dermatology)

Nafisa Wilkinson (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology)

Charlie Wilkinson (Acute Medicine, Elderly Services)

Fiona Willcoxson (Childrens Cardiology, Childrens Hospital)

Stephen Williams (Anaesthetics)

Caroline Wilson (Dermatology)

Janet Wilson (Genito-urinary Medicine)

Rowan C Wilson (Anaesthetics)

Andy T Wilson (Anaesthetics)

Ian Wilson (Anaesthetics)

Stephen Wilson (Anaesthetics)

Tom Wilson (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Sarah Winfield (Maternity Services)

Klaus Witte (Cardiology)

Juliet Wolfe Barry (Anaesthetics)

Philip Wood (Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Chronic Fatigue Service, Pathology)

Mark Wood (Childrens Rheumatology, Childrens Hospital)

Jamie Woodhead (ENT (Ear Nose and Throat))

Helen E Woodley (Radiology)

Graham Woodrow (Renal Services (Adult))

Hong Woon (Ophthalmology)

Mark Wright (Renal Services (Adult))

Joanna Wright

Judy Wyatt (Histopathology and Molecular Pathology, Pathology)



James Yong (Childrens Medicine, Childrens Diabetes, Childrens Hospital)

Nicola Young (Microbiology)

Alison Young


Veena Zamvar