The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Transition - Moving to Adult Services

What we mean by Transition

Healthcare transition in Leeds Teaching Hospitals is the purposeful planned process of empowering and supporting children and young people with long term conditions when moving from a children’s centred service to an adult orientated service between the ages of 11 to 25 years. The process addresses the medical, psychosocial and educational or vocational needs of young people.

Transition Project

We have embarked on a three-year transition project to understand and improve transition services across the whole of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. We will be looking at each service in detail therefore it will take time to work with all 37 services who transition patients from children’s to adult services, so if you would like to contribute to feedback on how we can improve transition services for you or your family please contact

The aim of the project

We want to create a single and consistent approach to transition across the trust for all services. This means  that transition should look and feel the same to young people and families whichever service they are in, however the model will be flexible and adaptable enough to meet the needs of each young person and their families and carers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between transition and transfer? 

Transfer is the point in the transition process at which the doctors formally move responsibility for your care from one service to another.


Who needs transition? 

All young people with a long-term health condition, who will require continued care and treatment beyond the cut off age of the children’s service and therefore require their care to be transferred to the young adult or adult service.


How do I know if I need transition? 

One of the professionals in your team, usually the Nurse Specialist or Consultant, will talk to you about transition at about 11 to 12 years of age. This may be later if you have been diagnosed with your condition after this age. If you have a condition which will mean you need to continue care and treatment in the adult service you will need to follow a transition programme. If you think you need transition and no one has mentioned it to you please speak to your doctor or nurse about it.


How do I know who to talk to if I’m worried about moving to the adult service? 

You will have a named worker who is there to help you with your transition. Your named worker is usually someone in your team who you have been working with for a while they will give you their details which will be included in your transition plan.


What is a transition plan? 

We follow the Ready Steady Go and Hello programme. This programme is designed to help us to help you understand your health condition and medical history, teaching you the skills you need to be able to describe your condition, understanding your medications and possible side effects and helping support you to ask questions of health professionals about your care and treatment, also most importantly, understanding what to expect and who to contact in the adult service.

The programme is a gradual process which starts at around 11 years of age and can last up to 25 years of age, if needed. The programme involves a set of questions designed so we as health professional get a really good understanding of the support you need and what is important to you in in transition and for the future, it will also highlight any worries you may have about moving to the adult services so we can help you.

The transition plan is created by you and your named worker. It is a step-by-step guide to help us to teach you and for you to learn the things you have identified as needing help with as you gradually transition into the adult service. Transition can also be a worrying time for your parents and carers; they can be as involved as much you want them to be in your plan. There is also a set of questions for your parents and carers so we can support them as you are growing up too.


How do I know which adult service I will be moving to? 

Your Doctor or Nurse will talk to you about which adult service you will be moving to. Sometimes you may have a choice of services if this is the case your doctor or nurse will discuss your options with you and help you to make a decision about which service to choose. It is important that if possible you visit all the possible services before you make a decision to see which service may best meet your needs.


How do I know what to expect in the adult service? 

Part of the transition programme is about letting you know what the adult service is like what to expect and what are the differences. Some things are different in the adult service so it is important that you discuss them with your doctor or nurse so you feel fully prepared for the change. Some services offer visits to the adult clinics and wards before moving to the services and others have joint clinics so you get to meet your adult nurse or consultant while you are still seeing the same ones in the children’s service.

Over the next year we will use our Leeds Children's Hospital TV website to make and upload films about transition to help you prepare for your move to a new clinic or ward and so you can see how other young people and families feel about transition.


Why do I have to move to an adult service? 

As you get older your healthcare needs change and for some of the things you may need help with or want to discuss, adult services are more used to dealing with so they are better able to help you with things like higher education, careers, driving, drinking and sex advice. You may also feel you may want to be seen in a more grown-up environment rather than sitting with younger children and babies.