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After your visit

Getting ready to go home

When the doctor or nurses think you are well enough, you will be told that you can go home.  This is known as being discharged.

Once you have been told that you will be discharged you can start to pack your things.  Don’t forget to check your cupboard to make sure you have everything and if you have put anything in the fridge, you should collect that too.

If you are taking home some medicine, you may have to wait a little while whilst this is prescribed for you before you can go home.

Your nurse or doctor will tell you what to expect whilst getting better and how long you might need to rest at home for. Your doctor or nurse will also explain the results of any tests and the outcomes of any operation that you may have had.  If you need medicine, you will be told how to take it.

You and your family can ask as many questions as you like to make sure you understand what will happen next.

Before you leave you make be given some “after care” information and a small amount of dressings if needed.  You will also be given the telephone number of the ward in case you have any questions and be told what to do if you start to feel unwell at home.

Once you're home

Sometimes you will be given a letter to hand to your GP practice so your GP knows what has happened to you and what the next steps are.

After your visit you may need to come back for a follow up appointment to see how you are doing and we will send you another letter to tell you the time and place of this appointment.

You may also be referred into another service such as physiotherapy to help you get better.

Don’t forget that you can talk to us at any time. 

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