The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

During your visit

During your visit

When you arrive at the hospital you should make your way to the ward mentioned on your letter.  If you don’t know where this is, the staff on reception will be able to help you.

Our staff all wear different types of uniforms to help you understand the jobs that they do.

Nurse Uniforms2

Sometimes the surgeons, doctors or consultants who came to see you might be wearing blue overalls that look like this: scrubs

There may also be times when some staff such as doctors and pharmacy staff are wearing normal clothes but everybody should be wearing a badge which tells you their name and what job they do. If someone comes to see you and doesn’t tell you their name, you can ask them what they are called.

When you arrive on the ward, you should let staff know that you have arrived.  You may be shown to a bed or you might be asked to stay in the waiting room.  You are more likely to stay in the waiting room if you are an outpatient but sometimes outpatients can have beds too.

When you are on the ward a nurse will usually weigh you and measure how tall you are.  You may also have your temperature, blood pressure and heart rate measured but this will depend upon why you have come to hospital.

On the wards we do have some small one bed rooms but most of the beds on our wards are in larger rooms where there are usually between 4 and 6 beds for other children like you.  Don’t worry if you want a bit of privacy.  There are large curtains that can be pulled all of the way round each bed and these are usually drawn at night to help you sleep.

There will be a shared bathroom and toilet a short walk from your bed or the waiting room.

Each bed has a mobile table that can be wheeled around the bed, a tv and a phone.  There will also be chairs for visitors to use and there is enough space by the side of each bed for a “foldaway” bed if a family member of carer is going to stay during the night with you. There is also a small cupboard for your belongings.

Our wards have small kitchens for parents to make drinks and a fridge to keep food cool and fresh.