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Posted: 04.07.2012

Outcome of Review of Children's Heart Surgery in England

In response to the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trust's decision taken on 4 July  regarding the future model for congenital children's cardiac surgery in England - in which the well-respected and popular service at Leeds failed to be designated - Mike Collier, Chairman of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

“This result flies in the face of logical health care planning and plain common sense. We genuinely believe that the decision will not deliver the stated aims of the Safe & Sustainable Paediatric Cardiac Services review.

“This decision seems almost perverse in light of the information which became available during the course of the consultation process. We are surprised that the very clear wishes of over 600,000 people from this region appear to have been disregarded.

"On geography and population density alone the case for Leeds remains as strong as ever. We will now carefully consider, with our supporters, what action to take as a result of this very disappointing decision.”