The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Baby Box

In partnership with Baby Box Co. we have launched a new service for all expectant parents in Leeds. A free baby box is available to all babies born in Leeds. You will receive information about the scheme and a Baby Box University access card from your Midwife.

Use the code on the card to log on to Use the drop down menu for Baby Box University syllabus and select the option for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

You can then begin to watch the syllabus videos which takes approximately 15-20 minutes and complete a short quiz after which you will be awarded a certificate of completion. It is important that you scroll down the page and then fill in your address details to have your baby box delivered to your home.

Please note we do not store any baby boxes at your chosen hospital and can only be received via home delivery. (We ask that parents DO NOT bring their baby box into hospital when they have their baby - there is already a cot provided).