The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Learning mentors and teachers

The Learning Mentors provide pastoral support to the young person or child and their families with regard to educational issues.

They liaise with school or college whilst children or young people are in hospital, and keep the home school updated as to their progress. The Learning Mentors attend a weekly update meeting with the medical, nursing and therapy staff to share information with other outside agencies if appropriate. They help support re-integration back into school.

The hospital teachers deliver the teaching either on the ward or in the purpose built schoolroom. There are specialist primary and secondary teachers who can support the child or young person whether they are just starting school or they need to revise for GCSEs. They aim to devise a personal education plan for each long term patient so that the education that they receive in hospital is both relevant and appropriate.

Should the child or young person require home teaching at the end of their hospital admission the Learning Mentors can arrange that with the Local Authority.