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TYA Team

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer (TYA) service is based in Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. It covers the Yorkshire, Humber and the Yorkshire coast region; a population of approx. 4m. The service supports the medical, physical, emotional and social needs of young cancer patients aged 13 to 24yrs.

The team focuses on young people as individuals rather than defining them as cancer patients. They are young people first, who happen to have cancer.

The wards and out patient areas have been developed by LTHT and the enhancements have been supported by Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) The wards provide a ‘One Unit- Two Site’ model whereby the unit for younger patients at the LGI is managed by Children’s Services, and the unit at SJUH is managed by the Oncology service (adult) This service model has gained national and international recognition and is seen as providing excellent care to this group of patients.

Inpatient and Outpatient facilities

These are based within the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust across two sites:

There are two in-patient wards

  • An eight bedded Teenage Cancer Trust Unit For 13 – 18 year olds - Ward L33 on Clarendon Wing at Leeds General Infirmary
  • A nine bedded Young Adult Ward for 18 – 24 year olds

Ward J94, in Bexley Wing at St James’s Hospital

There are two outpatient clinics where TYA patients are seen:

  • Within Paediatric Oncology and the team of Consultants, involving other specialities when needed on C floor of Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary
  • Within Adult Oncology services, Level 01, Bexley Wing at St James’s Hospital.

Both of these areas are supported by all members of the TYA Team.

Aims of the Service

  • Enhance care and co-ordinate patient choice using age appropriate skills and TYA expertise
  • Provide access to supportive care and peer group support.
  • Guide and support the TYA and their family through the cancer journey
  • Promote return to life after cancer treatment
  • Provide the link between the different specialities and areas of care facilitated by the Key Workers

All Teenagers/Young Adults with cancer (TYAs) will have the support of the team regardless of where they are being treated. The team is mobile and will provide this support wherever they live and/or are having treatment. The TYA Service team members work closely alongside the specialist cancer teams and community based teams.

It also works closely with, and forms part of, a wider Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) as previously detailed, working with both children’s and adult teams, including oncologists and haematologists, as well as other specialities that work with these young people who have such complex treatments. The TYA MDT meets weekly to discuss all new patient referrals; this is where diagnosis will be confirmed, a treatment plan agreed and place of care will be considered. Another aspect of this meeting is to discuss any psychosocial aspects that the young person/family may present with that impact on his/her treatment.

Team Members

The TYA Nurse Consultant

Works locally, nationally and internationally to develop and improve the services provided for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer. An expert practitioner in many aspects of TYA cancer care she leads the TYA Service and the development of TYA care in LTHT.

The Nurse Specialists:

Provide information, advice and support to all young patients and their families. This is from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. They will generally take on the Key Worker Role, co-ordinating care, treatment, appointments and admissions, providing a close link between hospital and home. They are experts in the needs of Young People with cancer and have expert knowledge of all cancer treatments and their side-effects. They will guide and support the TYA and their family through the cancer journey helping them to voice their choices and make decisions with the medical team.

The TYA Social Workers:

Provide emotional and psychological support as well as advice on practical, employment and financial issues. They have access to specific grants to help with expenses such as travel and other general costs associated with having treatment.

The Clinical Psychologist

Provides further Level 4 Psychological support for patients and families when needed, both during and after cancer treatment.

The Youth Support Coordinator:

Provides individual and group support, through various activities, for patients aged 13-24 yrs old. They provide opportunities to get involved in activities, workshops and projects, both inside and outside the hospital. In addition, they organise social events offering the opportunity to meet other young people who have or had cancer to share information and experiences and therefore providing support to one another.

The Learning Mentor:

Gives support with any aspect of education including schools, colleges, universities and careers. They can liaise with teachers and tutors to assist in continuing with education whilst undergoing treatment. They can help with arranging special consideration for exams and assessed work.

They can also arrange and provide support to complete exams during hospital admissions.

Contact Details

Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse Consultant:

Sue Morgan MBE - 0113 392 22326 (LGI)/ 2067799 (SJUH) or 07932 652224 (Mobile)

Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist for Shared Care (Team Leader)

Sally Burnell - 0113 3922367 or 07876475053

TYA Clinical Nurse Specialist (16-18 years)

Sally Morrison 0113 3927378 (LGI) or 07789938729 (Mobile)

Macmillan TYA Clinical Nurse Specialist for Outpatients (18-24 years)

Diane Hubber 0113 2068729 or 07789174322 (Mobile)

Clic Sargent Social Workers

Sharon Watson, Sarah Horvath, Hilary Suddes 0113 3922446 mobile 07891 275 196

Macmillan Social Worker (18 - 24 yrs)

Elaine Salvage- Jeans 0113 2068565

TCT Youth Support Coordinators

Cat Carroll - 0113 3927178 (Ward L33) or 07775572960 (Mobile)

Carrie Pointer- 0113 2069194 (Ward J94) or 07879385308 (Mobile)

The Emma Maltby Fund Learning Mentor

Karen Thomas 0113 3923711

Macmillan Clinical Psychologists

Nicky Tschernitz and Karen Shimmon 0113 2065897

TYA MDT Co-ordinator

Kirsty Faircliffe 0113 3922327

Teenage Cancer Trust Units

Ward L33, Leeds General Infirmary- 0113 3927433

Ward J94, St James’s Hospital- 0113 2069194

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