The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Ward L31 & L32

Wards L31 and L32 are our inpatient wards. They are located close together on the ground floor (A floor) of Clarendon wing.

The Wards

L31 is the main ward for children. It has a mixture of single rooms and 3 or 4 bedded bays and is for children up to 13 years of age.

L32 is a small ward that looks after both children and teenagers, and specialises in bone marrow transplants.

Across the corridor is the teenage unit - ward L33, and ward L32, a smaller ward, which has just 4 single rooms.

All these wards work closely together; they have the same senior nursing and medical team responsible for treatment and care. Each of our wards has a Sister or Charge Nurse who leads the team, and is responsible for care on the ward. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to raise, please ask to speak to them.

Who can stay on the ward?

Because of the limited space only one person can stay with children at night time. A fold down bed is provided. We encourage a parent or close family member to stay if possible, but we understand that sometimes this is difficult, and that some older children may be fine on their own. Please let staff know if no one will be staying with your child. Click here for more information for parents.


Visitors are welcome at any time up until 8pm. After this we ask that only parents and close family members remain. If this is difficult please speak to a member of staff. Space is limited so please try not to have too many visitors at once, or too late in the day.

On Ward L32 visiting may be more restricted at certain times during your child’s treatment. The Nurse in charge will give you all the information you need to help you understand why this may be necessary.

Day to Day Life on the Ward

Every day your child will be looked after by one of the nurses, who will introduce themselves to you. Please ask us if you are not sure who it is. There is always a Nurse in Charge on each shift you can speak to if you cannot find your own nurse, or you want to ask specific questions or raise concerns.

Each morning your child will be reviewed by one of the doctors, and their care will be discussed with the Consultant of the week, or with their own Consultant. You can ask the doctors any questions you have about your child’s treatment, or anything that you do not understand.


We have two ‘Dinner Ladies’ who are here just to help to with meals in hospital. They will meet you when you first come to the ward, and find out what sort of things your child likes to eat. They will try their best to find things to tempt their appetite. If you have not met them yet, ask us to introduce you!

If your child has a special diet please let us know. The ‘Dinner ladies’ work closely with our dietitians to make sure that your child’s nutritional needs are met. Menus are given out and collected in the morning and afternoon for every meal; please try and remember to fill these in for or with your child.

We also have a snacks facility and the “Dinner Ladies” will usually be around during the day offering small snacks & light meals.

The meal times are as follows:

  • Breakfast: Between 8am & 10:00am
  • Lunch: Between 12 noon & 12.45pm
  • Evening Meal: Between 5pm & 5.45pm

Mothers who are breast-feeding are provided with meals on the ward, so please ensure that you inform staff or the “Dinner Ladies” so they can offer you a menu.

The Playroom

The playroom is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 6.30pm (subject to staff holidays and sickness) and Saturdays 9am until 4.30pm. The playroom is closed on Sunday but we leave an activity trolley in each bay for Sunday use.

The playroom tries to cater for all ages, with a wide range of toys and games. Planned activities take place every day and there is a great selection of creative activities to choose from.

Children must be supervised at all times when in the playroom. The play team will supervise patients and their brothers and sisters while taking part in planned activities. At other times, you are responsible for supervising your children when in the playroom, unless you have agreed with the play team that they will do so for a short time.

If other children are visiting you or your child when you are on the ward, they are welcome to use the play room, but must always be supervised.

Television and entertainment

Each bed has its own television; there are headphones which should be used wherever possible, and always when other children in a bay are trying to sleep.

If parents wish to watch television, there is a TV in the parents’ room. If you are watching TV or a DVD by the bed in the evening, please always use headphones and remember that this is a children’s ward; some adult viewing is unsuitable for children & we ask you not to watch such programmes on the ward.

Bed Times

There is no set bedtime on the ward, but as we have children of different ages, we ask that where possible you try to settle your child by 9pm at the latest. If there are very young children in a bay, this may need to be earlier. It is best to try where possible to keep to a similar routine that you would have at home. As older children may have later bed times, and younger children earlier, we will try to turn down the lights, and keep down noise levels soon after 9pm. In the bays televisions must be switched off (or used with headphones) by 9pm at the latest. If you want to chat, think about a move to the parents’ room if children in the bay are trying to sleep.

Lights Out - please be considerate towards other children and families. We try to have the main lights off between 9 and 9.30pm. Bedside lights should then be used but try and use the dimmer lights after this time.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be used with consideration for those around you. Please make sure that they are switched to silent mode and that if you are making or receiving calls at night you leave the bay to do so, to avoid disturbing others.

Eckersley House

Eckersley House’ is a ‘home from home’ which provided additional accommodation for parents who live outside Leeds. It is close by - just across from the main Clarendon Wing entrance, and could be an alternative to you staying on the ward. Parents and carers of children are able to stay here and there are some larger rooms which mean that brothers and sisters can stay too. Sometimes there is a waiting list for rooms. This accommodation is for the use of all families with children in hospital at the LGI. It costs around £20 per day to maintain each room and whilst there is no charge for your stay a donation towards the ‘Sick Children’s Trust’ who provide and mange this accommodation is always welcome.