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Is there parking and will I have to pay for this?

There is a multi-storey car park on site where you can park your car. You will be given a letter containing appointment dates and times which you will need to show to the parking attendant on exit so you won’t have to pay.

Is there somewhere I can get food?

There is a canteen on Level 0, Bexley Wing, which serves hot and cold food. Costa Coffee and Deli-Marche are also located on level 0 of Bexley Wing which offer tasty food and drink options.

Is there a cash point?

Yes, this is located between the patient transport desk and the canteen on level 0, Bexley Wing. This machine does not charge for cash withdrawals.

Is there somewhere I can stay if I live far away?

We will try to arrange for you to stay at Eckersley House, which is near to the LGI, or the patient hotel in Bexley Wing. If you think that you may need to stay, please let the nursing team know.

For any other questions regarding radiotherapy, please contact us or speak to your key worker

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