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What is a Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit?

The paediatric oncology shared care unit (POSCU) provides services for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Our team provides supportive care to these children and their families closer to home and where possible in the community. This care can include home visits, school visits, arranging admission to the local children’s ward for illness related to their cancer treatment and outpatient review.

We work closely with Leeds Principal Treatment Centre (PTC), where your child is receiving the majority of their cancer care and treatment. We also liaise closely with education and other agencies relevant to the care of these children.

After-treatment care is provided for children who have just finished treatment to monitor for recurrence, and also longer term follow-up to monitor for potential complications of treatment.

Meet the team

Our team is multidisciplinary and comprises of specialist trained nurses, doctors, pharmacist and supportive allied health professionals.

Dr Mawdsley and Dr Britland both have a special interest in oncology and work closely with the Principle Treatment Centre.

Blood results and queries 

The Children’s Outreach Team will usually take routine blood tests as requested by Leeds and will inform you, and the PTC of these results. The results are reviewed and discussed by both the PTC and your POSCU team in case any action needs to be taken (such as changes in your child’s medication or transfusions).

Your key worker or another member of the team will discuss any changes to your child’s care with you.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of your team during office hours.

Contact us

We are based in Children’s Outpatients Department, Airedale General Hospital and you can contact us by either:

  • Leaving a message on the answerphone 01535 293720 and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • By pager – telephone 01535 652511 and ask switchboard to page the Children’s Outreach Team.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), 0900 -1700 hrs.

If your child has a temperature or is unwell, please follow the advice from Leeds Principle Treatment Centre, help and advice is available from:

  • Children’s Day Hospital - 0113 3927179
  • Ward 31 - 0113 3926483 or 0113 3927176
  • Teenage Cancer Unit (Ward 33) - 0113 392 7178
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Unit - 0113 3927432
  • Children’s Unit – Airedale General Hospital - 01535 292171

Other Information:

  • Trish Thompson; MacMillan Nurse Specialist - 07789003998
  • Karen Cooke; Children’s Outreach Nurse – 07741015196
  • Rachel Lyles; Children’s Outreach Nurse– 07789868548
  • Lorna Wenham; Children’s Outreach Nurse - 07880501185

Philosophy of Care

The Children’s Outreach Service recognises:

  • Each child is a unique individual with rights and their own social, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Each child has the right to a high standard of family centred care within the home using a holistic approach to care.
  • Discharge planning from hospital will take place in partnership with the child and family ensuring the child and family feel adequately prepared, confident and knowledgeable to continue cares in their own home with the support of the community children’s nurses or other identified health professionals.
  • The need to provide integrated children’s services between hospital and the community to ensure a smooth transfer home.
  • The ultimate aim is to provide an accessible and equitable service to all children within the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.