The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists will be involved in all stages of your rehabilitation. Initially they will work with you to maximise the use of your arm when undertaking day to day activities, work, family life and hobbies. This will depend on your own goals and wishes.

They will assess how you perform these activities and then may advise you on how to perform these tasks one handed or supply you with information to obtain aids and adaptations to assist you.

The occupational therapists may also use splinting to maintain the optimum length of muscles and ligaments whilst some areas are not functioning. As you start to recover they will re-evaluate your goals and continue to assist you in achieving these through functional activities and strengthening workshops. They can discuss and advise you on employment and return to work issues.

You may ask to be referred to the occupational therapists while you are on the ward or in the out-patient clinic. If you live out of the Leeds area then they will refer you to your local service and provide a resource for them.