The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Cancer Centre

Patient pathway

The cancer of unknown primary (CUP) service is co-ordinated by the CUP  Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) which consists of oncologists, CUP nurse specialists, radiologists and pathologists who all have a dedicated interest in the management and treatment of cancers of unknown primary. The MDT administrative team provide invaluable support to ensure the service runs smoothly.

The CUP nurse specialist team provides support to each individual through the patient pathway from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up including supportive care.

Key decisions regarding the diagnostic tests required and potential treatment options of each patient are made at the weekly MDT meetings which are attended by the members of the MDT. Patients are seen in clinic by the specialist or contacted CUP nurse specialist to discuss options prior to making a decision about treatment. Patients may also been seen on the ward by the team if required.

Patients are encouraged to ask any questions or raise any concerns during the clinic consultations and the team will do their  best to help with any concerns. Written information is provided to patients about the diagnosis and treatment plan and patients are given a copy letter of the consultations as a record.

There is a strong commitment to research and the MDT actively recruits to a number of multicentre clinical trials.

Additional support and information can be helpful and is worth discussing this first with a CUP nurse specialist to see what is the most appropriate intervention.

The CUP advice line is 0113 2068881 or e-mail