The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Making an appointment

We have a dedicated team of staff ready to help you make an appointment known as the Referral & Booking Service (RBS).

In some cases, you can choose your appointment time with your GP when you are referred for an Outpatient appointment.

Choose & Book

Choose & Book is a system enabling your GP to book your outpatient appointment whilst you are visiting your GP. This will allow you to choose the date & time of your appointment. An acknowledgement form should be provided for you before you leave the GP practice. Unique booking reference number (UBRN) will be provided which enables you to view cancel and re-arrange your appointment on line. An appointment letter will be sent from the Leeds Teaching Hospital confirming the location/site of your appointment.

If you did not choose your appointment at your GP surgery, Leeds Teaching Hospitals will book your appointment on the receipt of your referral from your GP. An appointment will be arranged and a letter will be sent to you. Alternatively, the Referral and Booking department may telephone you to offer an appointment.