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Arranging a funeral

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Leeds City Council have made some changes in relation to funerals, please click here to navigate to the Leeds City Council website to find out more about this.

A funeral can only take place after a death has been registered. Most people choose to use a funeral director, though you can arrange a funeral yourself.

To compare prices of funeral directors in your area and for free independent advice about funerals you can visit Your Funeral Choice.

If you wish to arrange the funeral yourself you can find useful information about how to do this on the Leeds City Council Bereavement Services website.

Please note that Leeds City Council no longer charges for a burial or cremation of a child under the age of 18.

Funeral costs

Funeral costs can include:

  • funeral director fees
  • things the funeral director pays for on your behalf (called ‘disbursements’ or ‘third-party costs’), for example crematorium or cemetery fees, or a newspaper announcement about the death
  • local authority burial or cremation fees
  • doctors fees for signing and checking cremation paperwork

Funeral directors may list all these costs in their quote.

Paying for a funeral

A funeral can be paid for:

  • from a financial scheme the person had, for example a pre-paid funeral plan or insurance policy
  • by you, or other family members or friends
  • with money from the person’s estate (savings, for example) - getting access to this is called applying for a ‘grant of representation’ (sometimes called ‘applying for probate’)

Funeral Expenses Payment

You could get a Funeral Payment from the Department of Works and Pensions if you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging.

How much you get depends on your circumstances and if you qualify.

For more information and to see if you qualify for the scheme please visit the Funeral Payments website by clicking here.