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Nutrition and Dietetics

Welcome to Nutrition and Dietetics

The Nutrition and Dietetic service based at Leeds Teaching Hospitals provides a service to our inpatients treated within the various hospital sites and outpatients who are referred through our consultant led services.

What we do

Dietitians use their knowledge of nutritional science,medicine and social science in order to provide practical information about food choices for patients and service users. Our dietitians also have knowledge and experience of all feeding methods that can be used to treat patients in hospital.

Some medical conditions require patients to adapt their diet. Dietitians provide individualised dietary advice for patients with specific dietary needs. Dietitians help people to learn about nutrition and apply it to the treatment of their condition. They have training in physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, behaviour change, communication skills and social sciences. This knowledge is applied to provide individualised dietary advice to each person they see.

Dietitians work closely with catering, nursing, pharmacy and medical colleagues to ensure a high standard of nutritional care across the Trust. Dietitians are the experts in nutrition within Leeds Teaching Hospitals and provide nutritional training advice and recommendations to all areas of the Trust.

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