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GIDS interim service specification

Gender Identity Development Service - proposed interim specification

NHS England has published a proposed interim specification for the new services for children and young people with gender dysphoria.

It is now holding a public consultation on the proposals, which closes on Sunday 4 December 2022.

This public consultation is an opportunity to check whether proposals are right and supported, whether the public understand their impact, and to identify any alternatives before decisions are made.

Once agreed, this interim service specification will be operational for a limited time only until a new service specification is agreed in 2023/24, that will be used by the upcoming set of regional providers, including the new phase one services.

This consultation is open to the public and anyone can respond. We think it is particularly important that the young people and their families who we see in GIDS are engaged in this process, and respond to the consultation individually as experts by lived experience. This includes experience of gender incongruence and dysphoria, and also experience of local care and support and specialist gender identity services.

You can read and respond to the specification and the consultation guide on the NHS England website.