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Enhanced Supportive Care Service

There may be a time in your life when you wonder about what might happen if you become more unwell or who may be available to support you with your cancer. The Enhanced Supportive Care service helps you to plan ahead and make decisions when time is limited.

Please watch this brief video which introduces the service

Enhanced Supportive Care Video

What is the Enhanced Supportive Care Service?

The Enhanced Supportive Care service provides information and signposting to cancer patients and their carers and is an opportunity to discuss support services and professionals in the local community in Leeds. It is a chance to plan ahead and think about wishes and preferences and what is important to the patient when time may be limited.

The service offers an opportunity for patients and their carers to continue conversations about Planning Ahead that may have been started in the Oncology or Haematology Clinic. 

What are the benefits of planning ahead?

Planning ahead can help people feel more prepared and confident about knowing who to turn to if they become more unwell. It can help reduce uncertainty and help you and your family access appropriate services and professionals. 

Your wishes and preferences about the future can be explored in the Enhanced Supportive Care clinic appointment.

Who is the Enhanced Supportive Care service for and how do I access it?

The service is for patients who have an incurable cancer, with a Leeds GP and whose focus is now on their quality of life rather than cure. It is for patients who may or may not be having treatment and currently feel relatively well; and their carers. 

You can either be referred to the Enhanced Supportive Care service following a conversation with your Nurse or Doctor in clinic, or you can contact the Enhanced Supportive Care Clinical Nurse Specialist directly via the details below.

It is important for the Enhanced Supportive Care Nurse Specialist to understand a little more about your treatment situation and where you are on your cancer journey to know if the service is right for you.

What happens at the Enhanced Supportive Care clinic?

You may be invited to a telephone clinic appointment with the Enhanced Supportive Care Clinical Nurse Specialist. During this appointment, the nurse will ask you questions to get to know you and your family's concerns and find out what is important to you now and also in the future. 

From this conversation, the nurse will be able to advise you on a range of information including:

  • Support services that you and your family can access and may be of benefit to you when you need them
  • Physical, emotional and practical issues that may arise
  • Planning ahead and decision making on your future care

With your consent, the nurse will document and share any concerns or preferences you may identify  with your hospital clinical team and your GP.

Following this conversation, you may be invited to attend the "Thinking Ahead" Course

To contact the Enhanced Supportive Care Clinical Nurse Specialist please email