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Leeds Cancer Centre

Symptom management and lifestyle advice

If you have any symptoms that require managing please contact the gynaecology nurse specialist team or your GP. Symptoms to be aware of may include pain, weight loss, lack of appetite, fatigue, urine or bowel symptoms, abdominal swelling or discomfort.

The gynaecology cancer nurse specialist team can be contacted on 0113 2067820 or e-mail

Some lifestyle tips:

  • make small adjustments to your everyday activities to make things easier where you can.
  • take light, regular exercise to keep your energy levels up.
  • give priority to the most important things you want to do first.
  • consider physiotherapy or other therapies.
  • pace yourself so you get enough rest.
  • consider learning a relaxation technique, such as meditation, to help you manage your anxieties and help keep you in a positive frame of mind.
  • develop a support network of friends and fellow patients with whom you can share and discuss your experiences. This can help put your concerns in perspective and offer you reassurance in difficult times