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What Happens Next...

Please watch this short video from Louise Fisher to find out what happens for the next stage of the Patient Education Programme















By reading and watching the videos you have now completed part 1 of your Patient Experience Programme. Your Clinical Nurse Specialist and a member of Leeds Cancer Support now warmly invite you to part 2 which due to  COVID-19  is being delivered as a Virtual Microsoft Teams Meeting.

This is an opportunity for you to speak to other patients who have experienced the same type of cancer as you. To discuss with us any worries or concerns you may have about how you are feeling now, side effects or any other element of your care, to help you move forward. You may also require more information about one of the subjects you have read about in part 1 or want to book or find out more about the services, groups and therapies available to you and your family. 

Your experience of cancer and its treatment may be really helpful to other people. They may find it useful to hear how you cope with the side effects and how you are managing them now. By sharing your experiences you may also feel that you are able to move on.We assure you will not be put on the spot and we will not ask you to talk about your cancer experience unless you are happy to do so. 

If you haven’t received details about your virtual Microsoft Teams Meeting or need assistance to access this please do contact Leeds Cancer Support team Tel 0113 2066498.

We are really looking forward to seeing you soon.