The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

About Us

Our Services and Specialities

We have planned our services so that those that need to go together can be found under one roof

In Leeds we try very hard to make sure patients don't have to go to a different site, hospital or even city to get the treatment they need. This under-one-roof approach is becoming the norm across the World, and Leeds is the first major multi-site hospital in the UK to have adopted this model of care.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals is committed to providing patients with the very best care across all of our services. These include:

  • high quality and effective hospital services for our community in Leeds, such as A&E, outpatients, inpatients, maternity and older people's services
  • highly specialised services for the population of Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, nationally and beyond.

This means that our patients have access to some of the very best care in the country and benefit from a seamless provision of all services.

Local Services

We provide accessible high-quality healthcare for the people of Leeds. This includes emergency, surgical and medical care including A&E, outpatients, inpatients, maternity and older people's services.  

We are committed to providing our community and all of our patients with the very best care. 73% of all planned care and 90% of all urgent care we provide is through our local services.

We are a specialist centre where patients receive the latest trial drugs, therapies and treatments; but we care equally as passionately about making sure that less complex conditions and minor surgical procedures are given the same time and attention as brain or heart surgery.

If patients need to come into hospital, we will ensure that their experience is planned and managed effectively ensuring good links with their GP and other healthcare services. We will also make sure that patients are able to go home as soon as possible and that they are provided with the right aftercare to make sure they can stay at home.

To enhance this partnership approach to healthcare in Leeds and ensure we create a safer and better experience for our patients, we have implemented the Leeds Care Record. This enables us to use the latest technology to better share information between hospitals, GPs and other health and social care providers

Millions of people live within an hour's drive, so it is the natural choice for specialist hospital treatment, and we have excellent modern facilities such as our world-class cancer centre.

For those who need to stay, we have our own patient/visitor hotel at St James's University Hospital and numerous other accommodation options. 

We have worked hard over the past few years to bring together services once scattered across our hospitals into one location. One example is the Leeds Children's Hospital, which has seen paediatric services brought under one roof, ending the need for sick children to be shuttled across the city for particular treatments or procedures.

We still have a few more service moves to make to complete this work, but we are well ahead of other hospitals and believe this is the best model for delivering patient care.