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Medical Education

Welcome to Medical Education Leeds

Medical Education Leeds delivers high-quality education for healthcare professionals worldwide. We have a growing reputation for excellence and innovation with our blended and technology enhanced approach to learning.

Addressing the learning and professional development needs of all clinical staff plays a vital role in improving patient safety and it is our vision is to create high quality medical education in Leeds that meets professional curricula, drives continuous improvement in clinical care, and demonstrates educational value by being:

  • Current (reflecting up-to-date knowledge)
  • Collaborative, bringing together the best educationalists from a range of disciplines inside the Trust, academia and colleagues in the private sector (through Leeds Partners and others), in the UK and worldwide
  • Innovative and stimulating, leading to an enjoyable educational experience
  • Evidence-based (grounded in leading-edge research)
  • Patient Centred – putting patients at the heart of everything we do, and ensuring that patients play a role in the delivery of medical education
  • Leading to improved patient outcomes
  • Enhancing employability for learners
  • Delivered in the context of the Leeds Way

What we do

At Medical Education Leeds we have a number of teams who specialise in delivering a range of educational programmes to healthcare professionals as they progress within their chosen speciality. Our teams, made up of clinicians, educationalists, learning technologists, technicians and dedicated administrators work collaboratively to deliver quality training programmes and bespoke courses - at both an Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels - offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a safe, simulated environment within our state of art facilities.

Simulation and access to innovative educational technologies provides learners with the opportunity to train in and practice complex procedures in a safe setting, without risk to patients. We use a variety of methods ranging from procedural simulators and manikins to blended eLearning modules and in-situ simulation to reinforce learning processes, improve communication skills and develop team performance.

Collaboration is integral to Medical Education Leeds’ way of working, providing opportunities to learn from the some of the best healthcare professionals in the UK. All of our course and educational resources are devised in consultation with clinicians and trainees within our organisation, helping to shape and develop our training over time.

To find out more about what we do and the courses we offer visit our website.